"Teacher, this gentleman is here to apply for the adventurer's grade certificate." However, 200 bodyguards will not let people see a lot in this area. "Well, I hope Mazu will bless me. My uncle's tumor is benign, so I'd rather eat vegetarian f "It's very kind of you, Mr. Shen. I don't know what to do if you didn't return to the bo The purple fire covered the ground burst out and splashed on the light curtain around the challenge "I hope my family can come to China and live an ordinary life. I hope General Hu can help me! You wi Ji Jiantao's sarcastic remarks at this time just touched the scales of Shen Jin. Although more Lu Jing colleagues, but she believes that Lu Jing will not make the atmosphere of the "I said Xiaoyan, this is lifeI's goods which were delivered in the morning. Why did you order it Fortunately, she had been prepared, and when her thick black clothes were corroded by poisonous bloo In the red ocean, Chu Jungui knows that the most high-end hotel is a standard for financial people, Flying on two floors, the real red easily crossed the crowd, and even stretched out his hand to supp After the Rainbow Alliance had such a judgment, it felt that the chance of winning was greatly incre This is a half step emperor. If it is normal to say that the heaven and the earth fall, the chance l Generally speaking, he certainly doesn't like to deal with officials in business, but sometimes The real killer is not the mother and son, nor the couple. They just exist to distract Tang Cheng&#3 Only the phantom brigade, which does not regard human life as its life, has such executive power. Just at this time, a gentle voice sounded: "sister, you mistook elder sister Oriental."

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