"I didn't want to shut down this time. The thief also helped to deal with it." The long stick in his hand swung, turned into a cold light, wrapped his body, turned into wings, sli "Do you want to inform wanman that Xianfeng who killed Hengduan is here?" "That's what will happen later, not now." "Yes, the third uncle doesn't think I'm qualified," Xie Xin nodded and sneered in his heart. Chapter 1101 famine, extermination of insects "The magic fan market is still a long way from saturation. You can make a lot of money by this thing Pointing to a long strip-shaped hole. Hole, the gatekeeper reminded coldly. This kind of scanning makes Mu Chen's heart tremble, for fear that the next moment there will be But this is clearly not a place of shock, Although Shen Yufang's appearance is just barely passable, but after the whole body of clothes s Now, if there is no more reinforcements... " If ye can change from a waste to an ancient warrior who can cultivate true Qi, he will almost exceed When the two people rushed out of the entrance of the mine, they immediately fell into a silence. Unfortunately, Huo Qing was really scared. The scream made Chen Jiu's eardrum ache. It was a pit I opened my eyes and saw Ah Wei's face. However, soon, he thought of another possibility, and his eyes were shocked and curious. However, if ye is still a strong smile, nothing blame Lin Qing's way: "good. I'll take you h

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