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When Lingyun is at a loss, he finds that Tang Meng and a Bing have already burst into laughter. The "You're a cat and a dog! And you're a mad cat and a mad dog with rabies. Otherwise, how can "Master, please change lanes for me. I have decided." Now, any family with a little more abundant conditions will have one or several household magic mach On the contrary, it has devoured a lot of vitality and spirituality. But the guy fell face down on the boss's desk, motionless, as if he had no breath. Looking at ah Zhu's reluctant look, Jing Tian said with a smile, "don't look like you've Tang Cheng suddenly has a question and asks Mingshi. Yue Zhong looked at Chu Yan and said, "is it a total war between the two forces?" Ten years later, when he comes again, he not only has the ability to face the harsh environment here In fact, the territory of Bahuang mountain is not small. Before that, what they disturbed was the st I thought it was over, but now there's a mutiny! Among them, there is a powerful existence that reaches the third level of the netherworld. Thanks to the seven young monks who escaped from Panling Acropolis that day. When the roar of bloodthirsty smell came from afar, the faces of Mu Feng and Zhou Ye showed some sig Liu Minghua's next step is a stagger. With their powerful alchemy technology, it is easy to get the friendship of the level strong. The woman's voice trembled, turned to look at the landing elder martial brother's side face,

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